Emmet y Edith Gowin, una conversación, segunda parte // Emmet and Edith Gowin, a conversation, part two (by Emmet Gowin, 2013)

También puedes ver la primera parte de esta conversación con Emmet Gowin y su esposa Edith, aqui –> http://blog.juan314.com/2013/07/14/emmet-y-edith-gowin-una-conversacion-primera-parte-emmet-and-edith-gowin-a-conversation-part-one-by-emmet-gowin-2013/


Also check out the first part of this conversation with Emmet Gowin and his wife Edith, here –> http://blog.juan314.com/2013/07/14/emmet-y-edith-gowin-una-conversacion-primera-parte-emmet-and-edith-gowin-a-conversation-part-one-by-emmet-gowin-2013/

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