Larga exposición // The long exposure (by Francesca Woodman)

Francesca Woodman fue en gran parte desconocida durante su vida. Su trabajo fue mostrado por primera vez al público en una exposición de Wellesley College en 1986, cinco años después de su suicidio. En ese momento, mucho significado se adjuntó a sus cualidades aparentemente autobiográficas, las cuales siguen intrigando a la audiencia en la actualidad. Su muerte no es simplemente una sombra en las imágenes, sino que las baña con una luz extraña, espectral, en la que todos se asemejan a las fotografías-Woodman de modelos que son frecuentemente confundidos con autorretratos. La artista parece estar siempre anticipando su propia desaparición.


Francesca Woodman was largely unknown during her lifetime. Her work was first introduced to the public at a Wellesley College exhibition that opened in 1986, five years after her suicide. At the time, much significance was attached to its apparently autobiographical qualities, which continue to intrigue audiences today. Her death does not simply cast a shadow on the images, but suffuses them with a strange, spectral light, in which everyone looks like Woodman—photographs of models are frequently mistaken for self-portraits—and facts resemble foresight. The artist seems always to be anticipating her own disappearance.


6 thoughts on “Larga exposición // The long exposure (by Francesca Woodman)

    1. Ok. Removed. Thanks for the info, and apologies for the misunderstanding. But the fact is that this mistake is not only on me, you can see that there are a lot of sites where indicate this picture is by Francesca Woodman, just searching by image (I do this with Firefox) and you’ll get a lot of results.


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