Una vez // Once (by Wim Wenders)

Una vez
Estaba sentado en un cine teatro en Venecia
detrás de estos dos hombres.

Observando sus cabezas en frente mío
pensé en los miles y miles de imágenes e historias
que habían sido creadas ahí dentro,
o mejor, que estaban todavía siendo creadas en esas dos mentes.

Sus imágenes e historias
iban a sobrevivirles a los dos,
iban a sobrevivirnos a todos nosotros.

Los hombres que estaban enfrente mío
eran Akira Kurosawa y Michael Powell.


I was sitting in a movie theater in Venice
behind these two men.

Noting their heads in front of me
I thought about the thousands and thousands of pictures and stories
that had been created there,
or rather, they were still being created in those two minds.

Their images and stories
going to survive both of them
going to outlive us all.

The men in front of me
were Akira Kurosawa and Michael Powell.

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